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As investors and savvy business people, we have successfully navigated through the complex process of property development in Serbia starting from an idea, through funding search, land assessment and acquisition, permits, development, sales/lease, etc.

That is why we are well aware of all the challenges and risks investors may face, as well as the ways of overcoming and anticipating them, in order to avoid unnecessary costs or deadline breaches. However challenging, every one of the projects that we worked on ended with a rewarding result.

We offer our pragmatic advice, extensive knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm, to help potential investors achieve the same in a discrete, simple, cost-efficient, and seamless way, by providing a single point of contact to successfully develop their project.


We work with a wide range of clients from complete novices looking to purchase their first investment property, to more experienced investors who already have large income-producing property portfolios.

We invest significant time to understanding your needs, asses investment possibilities, so we can choose the right the expert teams (architects, developers, suppliers, etc.) for your endeavours, be it a house or an office building, commercial property or residential real estate.

Legal Services

Resolving all legal issues that may arise from various construction projects is an integral part of our comprehensive service. Whether it is obtaining building and/or use permits, resolving ownership issues, drafting sales and purchase contracts, conducting restitution proceedings, our team of lawyers is designed to provide you with all the necessary support.

Property Development & Project Management Consultancy

We skillfully combine longstanding knowledge of architects, engineers, legal advisors, developers and property managers to deliver comprehensive and superior service for any type of real estate projects.

Whether it is the construction of residential, commercial or hotel facilities, our experienced pool of experts is ready to provide support in all phases of the project, starting with the conceptual design, site selection, research, obtaining the necessary permits for the same construction.

Property Management

Being experienced property managers ourselves, we can offer a full range of services starting from overseeing to taking care of all the daily operations for a property including collecting rent, handling maintenance, tenant complaints and more of various commercial and residential real estate properties.


By working on countless construction projects, we had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous prominent architects and studios in Serbia. This has helped us to learn a lot about their specializations, capabilities and skill set. Since our approach to each project is tailor made, we strive to carefully evaluate and recommend the right architectural studio with the right expertise and approach for your particular project.